For over 45 years, Weiss-Aug has been setting the industry standard for highly innovative and technologically advanced tooling. Weiss-Aug has recently expanded its tool-build capabilities with a CNC Technology Center. This technology brings increased high-precision, repeatability and a more efficient means of fabricating tooling. 


As part of the tooling group, the new program development team focuses on building cost and time sensitive prototype tooling without sacrificing quality. Through developing standards and efficient operations, prototype tooling can yield as few as a hundred to tens of thousands of parts.


  • Design
  • Prototype tool fabrication (dies and molds)
  • Pre-production or bridge tooling
  • Quality requirements (PPAP/validation)


  • Early involvement up front with our customers engineering teams
  • Universal / modular tooling that allows quick changes
  • Optimized wire EDM fabrication process, wire and sinker EDM hard milling, CNC form grinding, and 5 axis machining.
  • Manual operations to reduce cost

Weiss-Aug employs an extensive design group for tooling. Each designer works creatively to enhance manufacturability and reduce part cost.


  • Design for low tooling maintenance
  • Robust designs for high speed manufacturing
  • Balanced and innovative mold design for fast molding cycles
  • Cost reduction through innovative design in the stamping and insert molding process


During the early phase of a die or mold design, our design team evaluates all options in achieving an optimal tool design. For example, an insert molded part consisting of the overmolding of a complicated stamping requires concurrent design engineering. Shut off points in the mold cavity are key areas that must be considered when designing the stamping tool. In order to reduce process costs, we will incorporate, where possible, laser welding, grinding and component assembly in the die. Additionally with high volume products we automate the molding cell to reduce labor cost.



  • Tolerances held within .0002
  • Adherence to CPK requirements
  • Extensive in house fabrication capabilities
  • In-die value added operations (laser welding, assembly and grinding)
  • Cost effective off shore options with final grooming completed internally
  • Dedicated maintenance tool room


We fabricate our stamping dies in house utilizing cutting edge wire and sinker EDM, hard milling, CNC form grinding, and 5 axis machining. Through use of innovative fabrication materials (carbide, CPM steels, high tech coatings including titanium nitrate and aluminum nitrate), tooling longevity is improved for our customers' manufacturing programs.


  • Verify material alignment
  • Monitor critical forming and cutting stations for dimensional accuracy
  • Slug detection
  • Buckle detection
  • Incorporate vision systems to measure critical dimensions

We combine in house expertise with an approved supplier base. Our in house tool room is dedicated to grooming, management and maintenance of new and existing mold tooling.



  • Injection molds
  • Insert molds
  • Reel-to-reel molds
  • Over molds
  • High volume multi-cavity molds
  • Meticulous preventative maintenance program