Weiss-Aug has built a Quality Management System designed to satisfy the most stringent of customer requirements across all major industries including medical, automotive and aerospace. 

Quality is embedded in our processes from the beginning of the development stage with initial prototyping and carried through to the final manufacturing process design. Our design process culminates in a series of strict validation protocols verifying that a robust, efficient, defect free manufacturing process has been achieved. 

Zero to single digit PPM rates over the years place Weiss-Aug Quality in the top 5% of our industry based upon industry bench marking reports.

Weiss-Aug is able to work with all industries and develop products according to the general standards and protocols of those industries while having the expertise to customize requirements to an individual customer's needs.

Validation Methodologies and Problem Solving Tools used:

  • Validation Protocols

    • PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) for Automotive and other customers

  • Six Sigma problem solving and lean manufacturing principles

    • DMAIC problem solving model: define, measure, analyze, improve control

  • 5S program ongoing plant wide

ISO Certifications

Our Registrar Audit reports demonstrate multiple years with zero non-conformances and are available for review during customer visits. 


Weiss-Aug’s Quality Policy is to provide custom, high precision stamped and molded products to a wide range of industries. We are dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction by continually measuring and improving the effectiveness of our quality management system and its objectives. Weiss-Aug will meet requirements, be on time, and at a competitive price.



1. Meet customer and regulatory requirements in products and services.
2. Be 100% on time.
3. Ship defect-free products ONLY.


Corporate Philosophy

Weiss-Aug's corporate philosophy is that every Weiss-Aug team member is responsible for the quality of all our products and services.