Mold Maker

Responsible for fabrication of tool components to within +/- .0001” of drawing/CAD geometry utilizing all tool room machine shop equipment. 


  • Set up, run and fabricate electrodes for sinker E.D.M. needed in a majority of tool repairs. Strong background on surface grinders and supporting equipment. 
  • Analyze and correct problems with complex molds to ensure molded product is consistently produced according to drawing dimensions/specifications and at the required run rates.
  • Document thoroughly any tool modifications implemented on the shop floor in order to produce a successful tool and/or improve its performance for subsequent updating of the Engineering database.
  • Responsible for adherence to tooling project schedules as established by Project Engineering and/or Supervisor, Mold Maintenance & Repair.
  • Assist in the design of fixtures, gages and other custom tooling or equipment as required.
  • Provide technical assistance to Manufacturing regarding equipment and process issues during debugging and qualification.
  • Jointly responsible for successful transfer of tooling to Manufacturing along with Design and Project Engineering functions.
  • Provide both technical and physical support to tool room personnel on both fabrication as well as grooming issues. 
  • Communicate and mentor apprentices in the operations of the tool room. 



  • At least 10 yrs. experience fabricating, assembling and debugging complex molds. Experience with high-volume tight-tolerance tooling preferable.
  • Requires a high school diploma or equivalent and successfully-completed apprenticeship; 2-yr technical degree strongly preferred.
  • Ability to debug complex molds, including the capability of diagnosing and addressing problems with related operations.
  • Ability to read blueprints and other technical documents. Familiar with CAD software. Understanding of ANSI/ISO drawing standards and GD&T dimensioning preferable.
  • Knowledge of metal stamping and/or injection molding industries and practices.
  • Understanding of die sensors, vision inspection, and/or related technology is helpful.
  • Knowledge of quality inspection tools and methods preferable.  Capable of utilizing precision measurement instruments such as calipers, micrometers, gauge pins/blocks, height/depth gauges and comparators.
  • Knowledge of tool steels and their applications.  Knowledge of commonly molded plastic resins. 
  • Good analytical and computational skills.  Capable of performing shop mathematics including geometric and trigonometric calculations.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Capable of working independently with minimal supervision; participate actively in a team-oriented environment.
  • Experience working in an environment having a registered quality system is a plus.

This position is for our Weiss-Aug East Hanover | NJ location.