Our insert molding services have earned the trust of the medical, automotive, electronics and aerospace industries.


Injection Molding - Weiss-Aug routinely provides thermoplastic molding services to customers who require highest quality and precision industries. Weiss-Aug offers traditional injection molding services in vertical and horizontal machines. 

Insert Molding - Our insert molding capabilities enable us to fabricate custom components by combining injection molding with metal stamping technologies.

Reel-to-reel molding - Extremely small, complex as well as larger insert molded parts can be economically and consistently produced in a continuous fashion from reel-to-reel with little or no need for added labor.

Over molding - Weiss-Aug offers the ability to overmold one material onto another allowing for complex insert configurations and multi-material configurations where complex fixturing or multi-shot processing is not cost effective. This process can also add features to the final part such as vibration dampening, sound absorption, and electrical insulation.



  • Horizontal machines ranging from 60 to 170 ton, 2 to 18 oz
  • Vertical rotary machines ranging from 28 to 220 ton, 1 to 8.5 oz
  • Reel-to-reel vertical machines ranging from 30 to 100 ton, 0.3 to 3.6 oz
  • Micro molding machines ranging from around 9 to 15 grams


  •     PPA: Polyphthalamid
  •     HDPE: High Density Polyethylene
  •     PBT: Polybutylene Terephthalate
  •     LCP: Liquid Crystal Polymer
  •     Nylon (Poylamide)
  •     Other Resins Including PEEK


Weiss-Aug has 100% inspection capability through the use of automated inspection equipment where possible. In-line cameras allow Weiss-Aug to inspect all parts providing 100% detection systems and real time dimensional data. Our automated equipment uses force testing, electrical testing, and hard gauges which allows us to functionally test all products.

When automated equipment is not possible but 100% inspection is required, inspectors are aided with tools such as digital microscopes to 100% inspect parts.