Custodian | maintenance helper

Cleans manufacturing and warehouse areas. Removes chips and scrap from machine areas; empties refuse containers and performs other tasks such as polishing metal work, sweeping, mopping, scrubbing floors, vacuuming, dusting, and general cleaning (doors, glass, spot cleans carpet, windows). Other duties may include stripping and waxing (buffing) of vinyl flooring. May also clean office areas. Drives company van for daily post office run, delivering or picking up company materials.

Position Functions:

  1. Clean factory and warehouse areas

  2. Sweeps, mops, and polishes floor. Vacuums and spot clean carpets.

  3. Cleans fixtures, equipment, windows, walls, restrooms, cafeteria, etc. Stocks supplies in restrooms as needed.

  4. Assist maintenance mechanic when necessary

  5. Removes snow, move furniture and performs all other related duties

  6. Performs all necessary driving duties, i.e. daily post office, errands, etc.

Knowledge / Skills / Experience Required

  • High school graduate, NJ Driver’s License (active), good driving record.

  • 0 to 6 months janitorial experience

Physical Demands

  • Lifting up to 50 pounds. Noisy, occasional exposure to heat, cold, fumes, & odors. 

Equipment Used

  1. Floor cleaning equipment

  2. Basic hand tools

  3. Driving company van

This position is for our Weiss-Aug East Hanover | NJ location.