Weiss-Aug has catered to the automotive industry since the start of the company, over 45 years ago.

We specialize in developing components for automotive sensors, switches, connectors, terminals and assemblies

TS 16949 Certified. 




  • Gas pedal sensor

  • Oxygen sensor (lambda sensor)

  • Speed sensor

  • Airbag sensor


  • Fuel Switch / Fuel Injector

  • Terminals

  • Contacts

  • Connectors

  • Rotary Lamp Switch

  • Solderable Contact Leads

  • Regulator connectors


  • Venting Solutions for Battery Packs

  • Charge Station Sub-Components and Assemblies

Automated Assemblies

Weiss-Aug supplies custom, highly engineered assemblies for today's critical applications.

We can develop fully automated cells for your high volume complex automotive programs that require extensive inspection, electrical testing and specialized packaging. Full automation allows for reduced labor cost, and rapid production for high volume orders programs.

However, we also offer custom manual and semi automated assemblies for specific requirements. With operations in Monterrey, Mexico, We offer automotive metal stamping, injection molding and insert molding with manual or semi automated programs. If your program requires lower volumes, or if you are located in Mexico, this option might serve you best.

In addition to our core capabilities, we can offer you a variety of complimentary assembly services from heat skating to crimping and joining, custom inspection, packaging, and more. We work with you to develop the best method for your custom assemblies to ensure the most cost effective and efficient operation.


Automotive Prototyping

Our full service design and development assistance program helps you manage the project from beginning to end. Our new product development engineers have a wealth of experience in automotive prototyping and understand your requirements for developing a part that is robust, cost effective, repeatable and reliable . We have worked with many of the top Tier 1’s and OEMs in the automotive industry for more than 30 years.

In addition to the general requirements of product design and prototyping, We can assist you with your specific automotive prototyping requirements. We understand your need to meet milestones for a model year project, as well as the ability to move quickly from prototype to production. Our quality team is also involved in the prototyping stage to ensure that critical dimensions and requirements are considered early on for faster PPAP later in production.

Contact us to learn how you can benefit from a service designed with process efficiency through reduced steps, reduced cost, an accelerated time to market, and improved product performance. We look forward to introducing you to our award-winning team consisting of skilled toolmakers, process and manufacturing engineers. Our goal is to help you develop your concept into a robust manufacturing program designed to meet  and exceed demanding automotive requirements.


Automotive Stamping

Weiss-Aug started as a stamping company over 40 years ago. Our focus on complex, high precision and miniature high speed stamping shines through in our automotive projects. Utilizing high speed Bruderer presses that range from 20 to 90 tons capable of speeds up to 1600 strokes per minutes, and an in-line 100% vision system for monitoring critical features combined with a fully automated assembly, we can guarantee completely defect free products that meet and exceed quality standards.We can  offer you automotive metal stamping services in our US locations or from our Monterrey plant in Mexico.


Automotive Molding

Specializing in high volume applications, our automotive injection molding and automotive insert molding is perfect for the high quality and precision needs of this industry. We work with a variety of resins, and utilize both horizontal and vertical machines, as well as reel to reel and micro molding. Force testing, electrical testing, and hard gauges allow us to test the functionality of all products. We can offer you automotive molding services in our US locations or from our Monterrey plant in Mexico.